Raven's Ridge MMA is founded on the principles of mixed martial arts done in a safe, controlled, and technical way.  We want both the avid, hardcore mixed martial arts athlete as well as the businessman that will need to go into the office the next day as part of our club.  Our focus on keeping things controlled, technical, and at a pace designed for each individual's skill level will ensure that practice is completed in a safe and meaningful way. We WANT you to come back and continue to train with us and we've found the best way to be successful in this is NOT to kill you in practice.  We do not want those that come in with a grudge or a chip on their shoulder and feel the need to take it out in practice. 


You will find that the members of Raven's Ridge MMA care about each other and will not crank on your neck, rip an arm bar, or try to knock your head off.  We all want to be able to train for years to come and maintaining our own health as well as the health of our teammates is crucial. 


Raven's Ridge MMA is not just an MMA gym though.  We offer Beginner, Youth, and other fitness classes, as well as personal training.  We also offer an open gym where members can come in and hit the bags, use the mats, or socialize.  Raven's Ridge MMA is a nice, clean gym that has been renovated with new Dollamur mats, a new bathroom, changing rooms, a massage room, office, and plenty of mat and floor space.  We want it to appeal to everyone and not just be your typical, hole in the wall gym. 


Jason Gavril

John Kelly


7545 Ravensridge Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119

E-mail: ravensridgemma@gmail.com

Tel: 573-424-2543